Yep! I’m different! Have you got a problem with that? 
(cheeky zebra!)

Yep! I’m different! Have you got a problem with that? 

(cheeky zebra!)


We’ve been nominated for an Exceptional Service BizMum Award!

Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for an Exceptional Service BizMum Award The BizMum Awards have been established to recognise the hard work and achievement of mums such as yourself.      Wow! Imagine my excitement as I opened up notification of my nomination as Exceptional Service BizMum, part of the BizMum Award Ceremony on 4 October 2014 ……

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Heart Spheres : an interview with Anne Jones, Healer

Anne Jones is an internationally-acclaimed healer, author, seminar speaker and spiritual guide, based in the UK. Anne channels the healing energies of love and I have been fortunate, over the years, to have trained and worked with Anne, and count her as one of my dear friends.

Earlier this month I was the very lucky recipient of Anne’s healing talents, where we worked on my Heart Spheres - just a few!  Here is an interview I had with Anne a few days later, as she was getting ready to launch her brand-new Heart Spheres webinars. Join the Heart Spheres monthly series at, beginning 17 September 2014.

Q1. Anne, I’m fascinated by your concept of Heart Spheres.

Having read all of your books, I am reminded of Opening Your Heart, in which you talked about opening our hearts to love which changes the dynamics of our relationships. Obviously this can have quite a profound effect. Is Heart Spheres building upon ‘Opening Your Heart’, or is it an entirely new way of healing ourselves and our relationships with others?

In Opening Your Heart I focused on the need to open your heart to receive love and shared my experiences in India where I was shown four chambers of the heart. At the time I was told that I would learn more about the heart and that there were many more chambers.

Having discovered them now, I realise that we can heal anything in our life as long as we come through our heart. It is the core of our heart where our true essence resides and when we clear the way for this energy to flow (I call it love-light) then we can shine in every aspect of our lives. In the workshops I help participants to clear the scars, dissolve the barriers and release the limiting old emotions that sit in the various spheres of the heart. By healing through the heart we can get to the root cause and the core of any given issue or block.

Q2. How many Heart Spheres are there?

Well, Callie, I am not entirely sure. I have identified 16 but I suspect there may be more. There is a sphere for every aspect of our lives e.g. money, sex, children, physical wellbeing, creativity etc.

Q3. What kind of situations do you feel Heart Spheres healing sessions would be most beneficial for?

In the healing that I have done since I discovered this process (effectively its healing everything through the heart) I have noticed some spheres come up over and over again and these are :

The Sphere that interacts with our physical body – anyone with any signs of illness or stress showing up in the body needs healing there.

The Sphere that interacts with the mind. When we have negative beliefs then the mind gets to be out of balance and sync with the core essence of the heart.

The Sphere that interacts with personal and romantic relationships. Any rejection or pain from these relationships can leave deep scars and it’s a natural reaction to close this chamber.

The Sphere that deals with finance – so many of us find it difficult to be open to receive money or to hold onto it. This is usually caused by either a vow made in a religious practise in the past or some inner sense of guilt.

Others that come up often are the sphere of Spirit/God and the sphere of Life Purpose.

I feel great shifts when I work with these spheres and I can actually feel my clients love essence (held in the core centre of the heart) as it starts to flow again through a damaged or closed sphere. It’s really quite amazing and very exciting as it happens so quickly. Mainly this is because we are dealing with energy and energy can change its form instantly once the intention and will is there and when there is a higher frequency of energy flowing into it.

Q4. Having been the very lucky recipient of a Heart Spheres healing with yourself recently - which was an incredible experience!! - is there a “typical” healing session format that you work through with a client? Or do you tap into the client and go with the flow?

I always start by asking my client to hold the intention of opening to receive the energies that I channel. They can do this by putting their hands together in front of their chest representing the doors of their heart and then I ask them to open their hands to show their intention of the doors of their heart opening to receive. I then bring in protection to seal their energies – usually using ArchAngel Michael’s blue flame. I surround them with love to make them feel secure and relaxed then I call in the energies of healing that they need. I will go to the spheres that obviously need healing and opening from the information they have shared with me of their problem or issue but once into the session I do go with the flow and will be guided to where the energies are needed. If I am doing a live session (as in the workshops) I will ask them to look into the sphere themselves and see what is blocking.

Q5. I am really excited about your upcoming Heart Spheres online classes, the first of which is 17th September. Which Heart Sphere will you be starting off with, and which will be next?

I am excited too; I just can’t wait to share this with more people. I will be starting with The Sphere of Personal Relationships and then Psychic Powers so that with these enhanced and clear you can see more clearly your own blockages. Once you see the cause of a problem you are well on the way to clearing it. The following session will address the really important connection between the heart and the body.

Q6. Anne, where do you see Heart Spheres taking YOU next, in your professional life?

Aha, let me just check in with my third eye and my newly cleared psychic sphere to see the future! My new way of working means that I travel less and work more on-line so I would enjoy doing online radio and TV. I also think I may write a book about the Spheres as I have already a large portfolio of case studies – ha ha I’ve just seen your next question! There you go - synchronicity in action, Callie!

Q7. Will you be writing a book about Heart Spheres?!


Q8. I know that you are also hosting a retreat in Lincolnshire in October 2014, which will be introducing your Heart Spheres work to a retreat audience: what can they expect?

I love running a retreat as it offers a great opportunity to go really deep and work without the interruptions of daily life. Participants will be getting a chance to look deeply into their hearts and find all the blocks that prevent them living a full on, whole-hearted life with joy. With the utilisation of their personal powers of will and intention and with the healing energies that I channel I foresee powerful transformations taking place. My intention is that they go away with their heart centres as the magnet that draws in people and situations that will enhance their lives rather than their hurt and scars being the magnet to bring in negative situations and people.

Q9. Do you see a time in the future where you will offer Heart Spheres as a healing module for healing practitioners to learn and use as an additional skill?

I would love to do that. Most of my clients up until recently have been healers and teachers so that sits well with me. Currently I am working with a wider audience as my YouTube videos, Facebook and blogs are attracting people around the world that I haven’t been able to meet before. That is exciting and fulfilling but I am always happy to teach therapists and healers who may wish to incorporate this work into their own healing modalities.

Q10. What’s next for you, Anne?

I have to complete a couple more sessions of my ecourse Healing Negative Energies for website. I am planning to write more blogs based on my own life experiences such as cancer, infertility, divorce, living with dementia and so on.

Next year I will be writing my second novel – a thriller which is based on love relationships and heart charms! I will be getting my first novel published (at last!) I am also planning to spend more time painting, reading and travelling for fun. And, of course, I shall continue to expand my on-line work.

And thinking about the Heart Spheres classes, in particular:

- will you be recording them so registered participants can access them after the event? i.e. for those who have signed up for the first event, and those who sign up thereafter (as a modular learning platform)?

Yes, podcasts of the live sessions will be available immediately after the first session.

- how long will they last for, each event?

I am estimating about an hour. There will be opportunities for question breaks in the class and there will be two meditations one of which will be a healing.

- will there be any learning materials (such as an ebooklet) to download for each class, or will it just be video?

No book but there will be a video and I am using Power Point screens.

- will there be a separate space on your Power of You members forum for Heart Spheres participants to share their experiences after the monthly events?

We will have a section in the forum for participants to share their experiences and also to ask any questions that come up after the live session.

Thank you, Callie. Bless you and big hugs.

Thank you so much, Anne! We’re very much looking forward to this Wednesday, 17 September!

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